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[TCS] Consultation meetings in Japan for AIYFF 2020 – 4 ~ 5 July, 2019 2019.07.05



On 4-5 July, the TCS delegation headed by Deputy Secretary General Yamamoto Yasushi visited four universities in Japan with Director of United for Peace Film Festival, Takahashi Katsuzo, and had meetings with relevant persons for the purpose of seeking Japanese partners for Asia International Youth Film Festival to be held in Japan in 2020.


On 4th July, the TCS had meetings, separately, with Musashino Art University and Asia University, both located at Musashino city, to discuss the way to develop future-oriented relationships with the TCS focusing not only on AIYFF but also on youth exchanges among three countries in general. 


▲ Meeting with MUSASHINO Art University


▲ Meeting with ASIA University


Deputy Secretary General Yamamoto Yasushi mentioned that the TCS would serve as the supporting role that would help relevant stakeholders of the three countries to promote trilateral cooperation and exchanges, stressing the importance of cultural and youth exchanges. 


Musashino Art University and Asia University welcomed the TCS’s efforts and replied that they would also try to find a way to strengthen cooperation with the TCS in this regard.


On 5th July, the TCS visited Josai International University and Nihon University to discuss cooperation with the TCS. Josai International University explained that it has enrolled many foreign students and put focus onto international cultural exchanges. Nihon University, which has a long history and specialty in film area, has put a great effort on training its students as professional film creators. 


▲ Meeting with Josai International University


▲ Meeting with Nihon University


DSG Yamamoto expressed that it would be a strong foundation of trilateral cooperation to facilitate exchanges of students and future film directors and producers among the three countries.


Some universities shared the idea on the great merits of cooperation and consented to consider possible cooperation with the TCS.


AIYFF 2019 will be held in Seoul in October 2019 with TCS being the co-host of the event. TCS also makes effort to facilitate and co-host the next festival to be held in 2020 in Japan. Through these consultation meetings, the TCS found a possibility of the establishment of a strong foundation of trilateral cooperation through youth and cultural exchanges.